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Congratulatory message for the declaration of Greater Pibor Administrative Area and the appointment of General David Yau Yau as its Chief Administrator


Clarification to general public perception on Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA)


Akobo Anyuak - Lou Nuer (Mor) intellectuals’ peace initiative workshop resolutions 27th November 2013.


Power Point presentation of Akobo Anyuak Community during consultative meeting with Lou Nuer Intelectuals held in Bor on 25-27th November 2013


ASSAD's Press release on 3rd October 2013 Akobo incident


The Anyuak of South Sudan in Diaspora press release condemning an attempt to assasinate Nyeiya (King) Akwai Agada, June 2013


Akobo Anyuak Community presented a letter to Governor Koul Manyang on Anyuak insecurity in Akobo May 2013







 Congratulatory message for the declaration of Greater Pibor Administrative Area and the appointment of General David Yau Yau as its Chief Administrator



Akobo Anyuak Communities in Diaspora congratulates the President of the Republic of South Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit for declaring Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA)  an administrative area under the Office of the President and for appointing General David Yau Yau as the Chief Administrator for GPAA marking the end of conflicts in that part of the country.


We also extend our sincere congratulations to General David Yau Yau the leader of SSDM/A (Cobra faction) for his appointment as the Chief Administrator of GPAA and wish him success to achieve total peace & stability towards prosperity in the region and to establish harmonious relationships with the neighbouring communities and states.


We are also urging all other warring parties who are still in conflict to immediately end armed conflicts and resort to a non-violent way that could bring peace and tranquillity in the Republic of South Sudan. << Read the full release>>


Clarification to general public perception on Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA)

Akobo Anyuak Community - Juba, 15th May 2014

Press Release:

The Akobo Anyuak Community leadership would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit, the President of the Republic for the recently signed Peace Agreement between the government and South Sudan Democratic Movement/Army (SSDM/A) Cobra Faction of Gen. David Yau Yau which paves the way for the establishment of Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA). We also congratulate the President for signing a Ceasefire Agreement with Dr Riek Machar Teny, the leader of SPLM/A In opposition in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.. Continues >>





14th – Feb-2014, By Peter Owar Okello


            South Sudan is home to 65 ethnic groups and had a rough estimation of 8.26 million people in population (according to population census of 2009-SSCCSE 2010a). Seventy-Eight percent of families rely on small-scale farming or animal husbandry as their primary source of livelihood. To give some perspectives on South Sudan, that is roughly one-quarter the population of Uganda spread across a land area that is approaching three times the size of Uganda.

South Sudan had suffered long civil war that lasted for over two decades. As a result, about 2.5 millions lives were lost and about 4.5 million people were displaced and many of them run and seek refuge in neighbouring countries. South Sudan had a highest number of people to 98% below poverty line and only few are above poverty line. Literarily, South’s economy is dominated by oil. Oil revenue accounts for 98% of the annual budget in the South. In term of literacy, 90% are uneducated and only few are access to education. <Contitue the reading>

Only Peaceful dialogue & reconciliation leads to a lasting peace and healing in South Sudan.
By Friday C. Awow Okuch

27th December 2013, Melbourne - Australia
 Conflict is never resolved wholly by violent confrontation, war or through any evil mechanism but through a noble, genuine & peaceful process where the conflicting parties will actively involved in negotiation, persuasion and thereafter convinced that their grievances are addressed or reconciled.

The comprehensive Peace Agreement signed between the Government of Sudan by then and SPLM/A was not due to military victory of neither NCP & SAF nor GoSS & SPLM/A. Both waring parties the SPLM/A & NCP/SAF were armed deadly and it would have cost us another infinity years of blood shed to declare the aspired "New Sudan" or "Two sovereign nations that was reached finally". CPA was as a result of international pressure of the good will organisations and countries who through their genuine will and resources CPA was materialised. <<< Read the full article >>>


AKOBO intellectuals’ peace initiative workshop concluded with decisive resolutions


The Anyuak and Nuer intellectuals held a three days’ workshop from 25th-27th November 2013 at Garden Resort Hotel in Bor, Jonglei State. The workshop was facilitated and implemented by the VISTAS program and funded by USAID.

The Chairperson of Peace Commission of Jonglei State, James Apay, gave some welcoming remarks regarding what was expected of the participants to come up with as resolutions that would ensure a sustainable peace in Akobo, in general, and between the Anyuak and Nuer, in particular. And after giving a brief highlight of the expected outcome of the workshop, the commission chair invited Honorable Gabriel Gai Riam to officially open the workshop.

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Gabriel Gai Riam Wectuor, greeted the workshop participants and thanked the state governor who delegated him to open the workshop. He told the participants that the expected Guest of Honor, General John Kong Nyuon, Governor of Jonglei State, was absent because he was on his way to Juba for governors’ forum due to start on November 26, 2013. He also brought greetings from the Honorable Governor for the participants. Continue>>

Power Point presentation of Akobo Anyuak Community during consultative meeting with Lou Nuer Intelectuals held in Bor on 25-27th November 2013 Garden Resort Hotel, Bor, Jonglei State

Photo of Amb Dhano Obongo (right)




By Dhanojak Obongo


I am a concerned son and native of Jonglei State writing in my private academic capacity and not as Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan to the United States of America or as an ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of that newly formed nation.

The ethnic community known as Murle is a majority pastoral people who originated from the Nilo-Hamitic group of Africa. They have two major clans: the Lothela lowland Pibor people divided into three payms; Pibor, Likuanglei, and Gumuru; and Buma Plateau (Upper Pibor) people of the Nalgam clan oriented to agriculture. Murle population is estimated at 85,000 according to the disputed census of 2010. Continues here>>

 Akobo Anyuak demonstrators in Bor 08/10/13
Lou Nuer Attacks Unarmed Anyuak Civilians in Akobo

October 03, 2013, has become another dark day in the recent history of Akobo Anyuak. Early in the morning, around 5:30 am local time, armed Lou Nuer attacked, in two groups, unarmed Akobo Anyuak civilians in Dima village, South of Akobo town, and Old Akobo village, East of Akobo. The attack was
triggered by the dead body of Nuer man, which was found floating on the river. In spite of the autopsy results and witnesses claims, that the man was drunk and drowned himself in the river, Lou Nuer accused the Anyuak of the murder and rushed-in for revenge. The attack resulted in the death of paramount chief of Ciro Anyuak clan, Chol Odiew Omot and two other civilians. Three people were reported wounded and six missing, including paramount chief of Dekole, Opodhi Olubo. Lou Nuer looted the entire Old Akobo village, destroying recently harvested crops. They also destroyed houses, a school, clinic
and church. Residents of Old Akobo village, around two thousand people, escaped to the bush and some made their way to Tier-Gol in Ethiopia. On that same morning, another group of Lou Nuer targeted the Anyuak population in Akobo town. They looted their houses causing significant damage. Continue reading>>>

At Least Five People Were Killed In Akobo Clash: MP

At least five people are confirmed to have been killed in Akobo County during the clashes where the paramount chief was killed, an area MP has disclosed to the media.

By Jacob Achiek Jok

BOR, 13 October 2013 [Gurtong] –Member of Parliament from Akobo County, Barnabas Okuny Gilo, has said that the attack was well organized because it happened simultaneously in the area of Dima, in Old Akobo at around 5 pm..

He said currently the accurate number of the people killed were five, adding that the first report which reached them in state capital was talking about only two people who lost their lives including the paramount chief and one woman.. Cotinue >>>

 Hn Barnaba Okony Gilo

South Sudan National Flag Burned In Akobo

The State Member of parliament representing Akobo County, Barnabas Okuny Gillo, has said that South Sudan national flag was burnt during the Akobo clash where the Paramount chief was killed in Dima village.By

Jacob Achiek Jok


BOR, 13 October 2013 [Gurtong] – The MP in his statement said that the burning of the national flag is something unique caused by the attackers in the country.

The state chairperson of Peace commission, James Apay Ochalla, also said that Sudan South Sudan national flag has been burned in Akobo incident following a killing of Paramount chief.

Speaking to a local Radio in Bor, Apay said that they confirmed the burning of the national flag during their visit to Akobo to verify the matter. continues here >>>


MP Claims Public Facilities Destroyed In Akobo

A member of the Jonglei state legislative assembly representing Akobo County, Barnabas Okuny Gillo, has said that the situation in the area is deteriorating after public utilities where destroyed after the killing of the area Paramount Chief.

By Jacob Achiek Jok

BOR, 12 October 2013 [Gurtong] – “The second morning, we went to Tiergol which is at Ethiopian side whereby many people escaped the village. The situation is really very bad, you cannot talk about it because the children, elderly people lost everything; they don’t have clothes, no food, they don’t have shelters,” Gillo has said.

He said that a team visited the affected people, (Anyuak of Makdel area) and other displaced population where they found that the school and the Clinic are completely destroyed <<continue reading >>>

Protesters ask Akobo commissioner to step down after death of Anuak chief

October 8, 2013 (BOR) - Hundreds of people, including the youth and elderly have asked the commissioner of Akobo, Koang Rambang, to step down to face justice, accusing him of having a hand in the recent killing of the Anuak paramount chief.

A document handed over to the state government by the protesters said: "Our ten demand points includes the Akobo county commissioner to step down with immediate effect and he has to face trial and justices against the court of laws".

Chol Odio, the late Anuak paramount chief and others were killed when young men, believed to be from the Lou Nuer ethnic group, attacked Dima village in Akobo county on Thursday Contnue here>>>


Paramount Chief Chol wor Odiew is killed

Akobo October 3, 2013, at 5:35am.

Nuer youth attacked few villages in Akobo county. So far, the number of casualties is still unknown as the fighting was still going on. However, paramount chief of Ogilo, Chol wor Odiew, was killed in Dima village, South of Akobo town; and two women were confirmed dead in Old Akobo, East of Akobo twon. The number of casualties will definitely increase as more details unfold.

Mr Omot Oman the adminstrator in Old Akobo payam said there are niether Police nor SPLA to protect the civilians in the payam making them vulnerable to attacks and upductions.

Akobo Anyuak community in Bor on many occations appealed to Jonglei Governor on concerns of raising insecurity in Akobo and specially in payams that are inhabited by Anyuak.

In December 2012, Akobo Anyuak Community held a consultative conference in Bor attended by Koul Manyang Juotk the former Jonglei Governor and among its resolutions is to dialogue with Mor of Lou Nuer even though Lou Nuer failed many dialogue attempts in the past to reslove conflict between Anyuak and Lou Nuer (Mor) on Akobo.

Effects of Insecurity in Pochalla County

By Rev. John Philip Omot, Pochalla Town, Jongle, South Sudan

June 28, 2013

The fighting between the rebel forces of David Yauyau and the SPLA is affecting the people of in the County. Because there was no trucks from Juba and Kenya last dry season. It is the only road that connects Pochalla County with other parts of South Sudan. UNHAS Flights had stopped because of insecurity in Pibor County. It is said that, the rebels are based in Ojwaa in North West Adongo Payam, Okello in Western Adongo Payam and Achwaa in Western Akoi (Pochalla) Payam in Pochalla County.

There were some ambushes from time to time as it is mentioned by RRC of Pochalla County Secretary or chairman. Continue reading the report>>>>

Related Link: Pochalla County RRC Office data Collection report for the issues of Murle (Rebel David Yau yau) from January to June 2013

Press Release by: The Anyuak of South Sudan Association in Diaspora
June 27, 2013 (Burnsville, MN, USA) An effort to assassinate King Akwai Agada Akwai failed on Tuesday June 11, 2013 at 3:00PM local time.
On his way from Pochalla to Otalo village, where his throne sits, King’s vehicle came under attack by gunmen. His bodyguards fired back in defense, killing the two gunmen.
The two gunmen, Chuol Gatwich and Chuol Rou, happened to be National Army soldiers (better known SPLA), who were actually deployed and stationed in Otalo village.
Nobody knows their interior motives since they were all dead. “The two soldiers escaped and were missing for the last three days” answered captain Gatjang, the area commander of Otala village when asked by the King. <continue>

Two killed and Seven Anyuak children abducted in Akobo
May 31, 2013 (Bor) – At least two people were killed, one injured and seven children abducted when a well armed group attacked an Anyuak Apara-Wanga village, Akobo county in South Sudan’s Jonglei state.
According to the villagers, the attackers came to the village on Friday around noon. They were clad in military attire, possessed arm weapons and spoke Murle language. They looted the village, searched for children and fired on any one who resisted letting child go. The villagers could not resist the attackers because they were disarmed by the government.
It is worth mentioning that the Anyuak in Akobo did not receive arms when the government redistributed guns to Nuer civilians for self protection against possible attacks from Murle.

King Akway Agada King of Anywaa, convoy ambushed.

Pochalla County on 15 of May 2013 an alleged Murle raiders ambushed Anyuak king’s vehicle killing three persons and injured 6 more persons including king’s driver between Tedo and Pinyudo Ethiopia. Also on 14 May 2013 the raiders have killed two persons on this road and this is the main route to Pinyudo Ethiopia that supplies Pochalla County with goods. Pochalla County still been cut off from the rest of the South Sudanese towns since 1980s and is only accessible by air, however, the local traders import goods from Pinyudo in Ethiopia that has become so insecure and people are losing their lives on the road.

The wounded persons were sent to Gambella hospital however, King’s driver and Peter Aganye whose wounded were very critical were transferred to Jimma hospital in Ethiopa. And the women Athiep Abulla and her kid and another person remain in Gambella hospital. However, Athiep son who is 10 years old succumbed to his injured. Commissioner Joseph Okello with SPLA forces went to the scene of the incidence and today he held meeting with Pinyudo or Gok Woreda authority. Below are the photos of the victims of the incident. <full report>

Another Anyuak killed in Akobo

6 May 2013

It is with regret that we announce the death of Mr. Lual Athar, an Anyuak man, who was shot on his back while on his way from Akobo town to Alali village. According to first responders, who rushed to the shooting site after hearing the gunshots, Mr. Lual was shot by a group of armed Nuer youth, who fled away from the scene, after seeing the the responders arriving.
Nuer violence against the Akobo Anyuak has increase lately with killing happening every week or even often. Few days ago, three Anyuak men were ambushed and killed on the same road.One 8-year old boy is missing to this day .Last week, Nuer youth opened fire on an Anyuak village, teared down S. Sudan flag and looted the school.
The Anyuak community has asked the government to interfere and protect civilians.But so far, not action is seen.
It is worth mentioning that Mor Lou Nuer aggression against the Akobo Anyuak have increased after they have received guns from the government to protect themselves from possible attack by Yau Yau rebel group. Akobo Anyuak did not receive guns from the government for self protection.

Akobo Anyuak Community Raise Concerns For Increasing Insecurity

The Akobo Anyuak Community have presented their concerns to the government officials on the security situation in Akobo.

By Jacob Achiek Jok

BOR, 25 April 2013 [Gurtong] – The written document sent to the state governor with copy the President of the Republic of South Sudan, Head of United Nations Mission in South Sudan and her civil affairs unit and South Sudan Relief and rehabilitation commission for the sake of unstable situation of Anyuak community in Akobo.< More>

Akobo Anyuak Community presented a letter to Governor Koul Manyang on Anyuak insecurity in Akobo

21/04/2013 Akobo Anyuak Community- Bor - Jonglie State

Since the Interim Period of the CPA through Independence, the Akobo Anyuak have not been at rest like all Southern Sudan nationals. The few Anyuak who were present at Alali Payam and Akobo town itself lived and still live under intense intimidation by the Nuer, especially now that the Anyuak population has increased in Akobo town and villages across the river.

The Anyuak representatives in Bor have appeared in your office on these issues several times. Similarly the Anyuak representatives in Akobo including the Chief have reported many cases of intimidation and killings to the successive Commissioners. Continue Reading >>>>




The Akobo Anyuak Community met on 27-29/12/2012 at South Sudan Hotel, Bor under the Theme: Where there is no Vision people Perish. Various issues were presented in form of critical papers. Lengthy deliberation was carried out on each topic. Consequently, the following resolutions were reached:


  1. The Akobo Anyuak Community accepted to adopt the Logo signifying the Kingdom. It is composed of the Crown, the Dimui, the Lion, the Leopard, the Shield, Spear and Hoe. The Green is the Land.

  2. The Akobo Anyuak people aspire to live in peace with the neighbours and will collaborate with all Communities in Jonglei State and South Sudan at large to achieve lasting peace. The Akobo Anyuak Community will always be behind the Jonglei Government and the National Government to foster development and peace.

  3. According to the South Sudan Constitution, the Land belongs to the community. Based on this the Akobo Anyuak resolved to respect the Constitution and acknowledged that it is the Anyuak Community in Akobo and the three families of Mor (Kok Diang at Deng Jok; Lual Thian at Kaibuy and Nyieng Chamjok at Meer) that have authority on the use of the Land. In addition the Akobo town belongs to any South Sudanese for residence and business.

  4. The Akobo Anyuak Community resolved to work with the Government in pursuit of the re-instatement of the 1956 borders which will exclude what is called Akobo West as resolved by all Jonglei Communities in May 2012. The Akobo Anyuak Community is disadvantaged by the creation of Greater Akobo which disrespected the 1956 borders with the Lou region without consulting the Anyuak people. In this regard the Akobo Anyuak Community deserves the right to choose in which GREATER region to be.

  5. The Akobo Anyuak Community saw the need of repatriation of the Akobo Anyuak members still in the Refugee camps or still living as IDPs in South Sudan and Diaspora. The Community therefore resolved to sensitize the IDPs to return to Akobo County. To achieve this, we will encourage those in refugee camps and Diaspora to return.

  6. The Akobo Anyuak Community resolved to respect the King [Nyiya] and Chiefs [Kwari] of the Anyuak Kingdom for them to guide the people to preserve the Anyuak Peace & Culture that seem to erode at this time. The King remains the Supreme Ruler of the Anyuak people & Kingdom.

  7. The Akobo Anyuak Community resolved that all children must go to school; women should be respected and taken care of. Early marriage is not acceptable and parents must work hard to discourage such marriages. Every illiterate adult should go for adult education. Once the Akobo refugees and IDPs return home all the educated youth should volunteer to participate in illiteracy eradication.

  8. The Akobo Anyuak Community resolved to meet with the Nuer (Mor) for peace and reconciliation as opportunity lends itself.

  9. The Akobo Anyuak Community resolved to unite with the brothers and sisters of Pochalla County as people of one Kingdom.

  10. The Akobo Anyuak Community resolved to empower the women by involving them in development at equal footing with men especially in agriculture.

  11. The Akobo Anyuak Community has realized the harm of people by use of alcohol and drug abuse. Therefore the Community resolved to discourage the excess consumption of alcohol and drugs.

  12. HIV/AIDS is seen as one of the biggest enemies diminishing the population. The Community resolved to encourage the members to refrain from irresponsible behaviour.

  13. The Akobo Anyuak Community resolved to remember the heroes and heroine fallen during the Liberation Movements.

  14. The Akobo Anyuak Community resolved that Akobo County is not a Lou Nuer County. It is simply Akobo County.


Akobo Anyuak Community Committed To Peace In Jonglei State

Akobo Anyuak community leaders have presented their resolution to the Jonglei state Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk with a pledge to live in peace with their neighbouring communities.

By Jacob Achiek Jok

BOR, 30 December 2012 [Gurtong] –Lt. Gen. David Okwar said the conference resolutions presented to the governor of Jonglei state were thoroughly discussed and the important thing is that the community is committed to peace.

He said the Akobo Anyuak community wants to go back to their county territory and stay peace with their neighbours to start development with everybody living in that community.

He said peace and development are the keys though the theme of the conference was ‘Those Without Vision Can Actually Perish.’

“I want to encourage Anyuak people to choose the way of peace, the way of reconciliation, peace and reconciliation should be the Motto for each and every one of us so that this great state can actually live in peace and attract investors for the development of the people of Jonglei state not Akobo alone,” Okwar said.

The acting Majesty King of Anyuak and Deputy Speaker of Jonglei state, Boutros Ochalla Ojullu said according to the message from their King Majesty, Akwai Agata, the king urges all Akobo Anyuak to lives in peace and harmony with Lou Nuer in the county <<read more>>


Anyuak Community Conducts Peace Conference in Bor

By Jacob Achiek Jok

BOR, 28 December 2012[Gurtong] – The Anyuak community leaders have held a conference with the theme, ‘when there is no vision people perish’ to bring together the Anyuak community and build peace with the neighbouring communities in the vast state.

During the conference, Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk said he appreciated their gathering and urges them to promote peace in Akobo and have mechanisms to make them stay peaceful with their neighbours.

Manyang advised them to make use of the land by cultivating using the ox plough to increase farm production and reap the benefits.  <<Read more>>>


Dr . Conradin Perner (Kwacakworo) Presentations in Minnesota ,USA‏

by Lero Odola

01 November 2012

Dr. Perner Conradin (Kwacakworo) has given three consecutive presentations in Minnesota. The presentations were concise and precise. The first presentation was about the Anyuak literature. That
presentation took place at the Winona State University, Winona, Minnesota on October 24th -25th, 2012. The presentation was well attended by faculty, professors, students, staff, and community
members.  Some Anyuak members from Austin and Mankato travelled to Winona and attended such extraordinary event.The second presentation was conducted at Our Savior   Lutheran Church in Austin Minnesota on October 27th, 2012.  The presentation focuses on the importance of ethnic /tribes diversity to build viable state of South Sudan. The author and the keynote speaker emphasized the vitality of peaceful co-existence among neighboring ethnic groups to enhance security and prosperity.“ Such dream is achievable through acceptance, strong cooperation, forgiveness, resiliency, compassion, and hospitality.” The gathering was well attend by Austin community members, South Sudanese from Albert Lee, Austin, Mankato, Stillwater, Twin Cities, Rochester, Saint Paul, Saint Cloud, and Worthington, Minnesota.The last presentation concentrated on nation building and bringing about sustainable peace and stability in the new nation. The author speaks about diversity of South Sudan ethnic group and the issue of identity as emerged as a new phenomenon. The monograph about the Anyuak literature was displayed at the event.

President Kiir Honours

“Mr. Kwacha Kworo”

President Kiir Honours “Mr. Kwacha Kworol”

President Kiir honours "Mr. Kwacha Kworol" for his role in the struggle[©T. Kenneth

16 July 2011

The President of the Republic of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit yesterday congratulated and honoured the reknown Swiss anthropologist Dr. Conradin Perner, locally known as “Kwacha Kworol” in South Sudan by his local name given by the Anyuak ethnic community. Continues >>>>

Dr. Perner reiterated the importance of togetherness to enabled the people of South Sudan to build healthy, and viable state.  The presentation focused on the aftermath of war and current shaky peace. “How can government bring durable peace to achieved the dream of statehood.”? Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of South Sudan in Washington, D.C, attended the second and the third presentations. Our great appreciation and gratitude for those who managed to attend all these events despite their busy schedules. Together we will prevail.

Akwai Agada Akwai Cham become 24th King of the Anyuak Kingdom

By Anyuak Media

April 31, 2012 (POCHALLA) – On April 25, 2012 the Anyuak Kingdom crowned Akwai Agada Akwai Cham and become 24th King of the Anyuak Kingdom. The ceremony took place at Royal compound in Otalo village in Pochalla County of South Sudan’s Jonglei State.

King Akwai Agada Akwai Cham replaces his brother, King Adongo Agada Akwai Cham, who died in November 2011 in Nairobi. The entire Anyuak Kingdom was eagerly waiting for this ceremony to take place since November 2011.

The ceremony was witnessed by hosts of dignitaries including two representatives of US Embassy in South Sudan, some high ranking South Sudan government officials and Anyuak who came all the way from Canada, USA, UK and Kenya. <<full story>>




Date: February 28, 2012

To:   Rgt Hon. Speaker of Assembly,
         Jonglei State, Bor, Republic of South Sudan [RSS]

Sub: Akobo Anyuak Plea for Justice

Rgt Hon. Speaker,

This is the first time the Anyuak of Akobo appear in your office as a Community. This is a serious interruption during your tight work schedule. Thank you so much for allowing us to present ourselves to you.

The Land Act, 2009, Section 9, classifies land as ‘‘public, community or private land’’. As such the Akobo Anyuak have the community land as any other ethnic group in South Sudan.

The Land Act 2009, Section 84 (2), states that ----‘’any person who settles or occupies a land without customary or legal title...... or without the express consent of the owner or person legally in charge of the said land before the commencement of this Act, shall be considered an unlawful occupant’’.

In light of the above we have a problem with the Lou Nuer, the clan or section known as the MOR. They occupied our land as a result of the long civil war, politics and force. With arrival of peace the MOR refused to vacate saying they took the land by force. Akobo Anyuak are not independent yet. The Arabs have gone but the Morr are still sitting on us. We want independence and justice peacefully through the Assembly’s intervention. Read the full plea here>>>>


The above image is 1956 map of Sudan showing the real Akobo county map and boundaries with Lou Nuer Counties.
Click here to see the whole Map.
This 1965 map is showing Akobo Land annexed to Lou Nuer Counties Click here to see the whole Map.
Minutes of H.E Dr. Riek Machar Speech at Minnesota State University on Saturday March 3, 2012

By Lul Gatkuoth Gatluak, March 5, 2012

Following the end of the South Sudanese youth event at the Minnesota State University in Mankato, which Dr. Riek himself attended, South Sudanese event goers, channel their attention and reallocate themselves to the Hall the vice president of the Republic of South Sudan government Dr. Riek Machar has scheduled to address the audience, in order to highlight some of the disturbing issues currently facing the new nation. About 4:35 PM, Dr. Riek accompanied by his wife Becky Marchar and the delegates who came with him from South Sudan entered the meeting hall. As soon as they entered, the audience raise and Dr. Riek asks them to be seated. After sitting down, Lero Odolo, the chairperson of the SPLM chapter in Minnesota raised and calls upon Daniel Gatluak to come and bless the gathering <<continues here>>

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sudan profile.jpg

 Lero Odola Olok

Chairperson of SPLM Chapter Minnesota USA

Lero Odola, raises his hand during a criminal justice class at Minnesota State University. He arrived in the United States in 2000 after fleeing war in his native Sudan. Despite — or perhaps because of — those experiences, he’d adapted well to American life, finding meaning in work, family and the hope of peace for Sudan.

John Cross

The Free Press, Mankato

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Know the Anyuak people.

The Anuak are a river people whose villages are scattered along the banks and rivers of southeastern Sudan and western Ethiopia. The Anuak of Sudan live in a grassy region that is flat and virtually treeless. During the rainy season, this area floods, so that much of it becomes swampland with various channels of deep water running through it

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An Anyuak teenager girl keenly caring for her younger brother at home. Meanwhile both  heads of the household are outside searching for daily meals.


Akobo Hospital

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War Does Not Pay: It is Time for Law and Order.

By Obang Kello

This is a message to both warlords and peaceful people. War does not pay. The Anyuak have said many times even in front of the GoSS President that they do not want their voice heard through violence. How much more can this position be made clearer to the Lou Nuer warlords? In recent article published by the Independent on line: “The crisis in the Horn of Africa: Nomads with no future,” (08 September 2006) herdsmen from 60 tribes including two Nuer clans, the Lou and Jikany Nuer who have fought a savage for decades gathered in Ethiopia, united by the battle to preserve their way of life. According to the article, for the nomadic herdsmen of east Africa, this was an opportunity for their voice - so often ignored by their own governments - to finally be heard. Is not the peaceful way the Anyuak want to get their land back from nomadic tribe?

Full article click >>

Anyuak Community traditional dance team - Brisbane. Australia.

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